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Bling Me!!!
E-mail me at:  allison@helmans.net
Heya! I'm Allison, the CEO of Bling Me! I'm currently selling Bling Tease, cuteT-Shirts all "blinged-up!" But, don't worry! I'm planing to sell alot more!
Like, Bling Shades, and Bling Flops!!! All Bling Prouducts are made with real swavorski crystals!!!
All Bling Tease are
$10.00 each! And, for shipping & handling,
it's $4.95, and $1.00 for each addtional T. We ship to US only.
If you're interested, email me.
Hope you enjoy  my site!!!
Thanks for coming!!!


...and remember, I'm blinging the world in to fashion fun!!!
We're Blinging The World In To Fashion Fun!!!
Bling Tease
Coming Soon...
Bling Shades
Coming Soon...
Bling Flops