This Page Belongs to Jared
Hi. I am 3 years old now and in Pre-School.  I love my class and my new teachers Miss Jill and Miss Lori.   I have a big sister named Allison, and a baby brother on the way.  I am very excited about him.  I can't wait to share my toys and trains with him.
My birthday is November 7, 1999.  I am 3 years old.
I like sports, trains and animals.  I love cats and dogs too.  I have 2 cats and a dog named Hershey.  Trains are my very favorite thing in the whole wide world.  I love real trains and toy trains.  I really like to ride on real trains.
My favorite cartoons are:  Sponge Bob, Bob the Builder, and Dora the Explorer.
I love train books.  I also love firetruck and firefighter books.
My favorite color is BLUE!!!!!!
I love my mom, dad, sister and my future baby brother.  I also love my dog Hershey and my cats Alley and Gator. 
When I grow up, I want to be a Firefighter and Train Engineer.