December 2007
Well this year for our family has been a big one. We started off the year with many dance competitions and Allison had a very successful dance season. Brian was also offered a job at Rosetta Stone in Washington D.C. and we decided to make the move from Texas. After visiting once with Brian in March we found a house. Brian started the commute to D.C. and we stayed in Texas to finish out the school year. Besides getting ready for the big move, I played a lot of tennis on 2 tennis teams at Sweetwater Country Club. It was so much fun.

In early June we made the move to Great Falls, Virginia, just outside of Washington D.C. We love the neighborhood that we are in and the kids met so many new friends during the summer. They were constantly outside riding their bikes and playing in the "woods".

We met the Staten's for our annual Summer Vacation this year in the mountains of North Carolina. We shared a nice house on a beautiful lake. We enjoyed boating, fishing, white water rafting, and of course drinking wine.

After a very busy summer of painting the house and unpacking, Allison and Jared were ready to start the school year. They boarded the bus (for the first time), and were off to a great elementary school close by. Joshua started his last year of preschool and of course the dance and sport season took off.

Allison was invited to join an Elite Jazz Dance Company, and an Elite Lyrical Dance Company. Both are compeitive dance teams. In addition, she has was also invited to join a Modern Dance Performing Company. Her teams have been invited to perform at the Lincoln Center in NYC on January 20th, so we will be making our first trip to NYC next month. She is also preparing for her Bat Mitzvah on Novemer 7th and 8th of 2008. Please mark your calendars, we would love to have you here...

Jared played for the Red Sox and had a really great season. It was his first time with "kid pitch", but he did very well. He even began pitching and turned out to be a pretty good pitcher. Last week he started basketball which he has seemed to pick up pretty quickly.

Joshua started his first soccer season, and did well, but he didn't like the hot days and the knats. Can you blame him? We are hoping to give it another try next year, but he may actually be starting an interest in baseball like his big brother.

As the fall season came, we all enjoyed watching the trees charnge. It is amazing each tree had it's own personality with the color, timing, and process of losing it's leaves. Our yard was full of leaves and I enjoyed going outside in the cooler air to rake them. You can see some of the awesome color on the "New House Page". We have had enjoyed several visitors, including some of the kid's friends from Texas. We really do miss everyone in Texas! :(

Halloween was great here in our cozy neighborhood. The kids walked from house to house, (which can be quite a long walk) , but had a blast. Take a look at the Halloween Page, but don't get too scared!

For Thanksgiving, we enjoyed a nice visit from our old (but, not so old) Florida friends the Kiger's. We had a nice time catching up and feasted on a great Thanksgiving Dinner, and of course, some wine.

As the year closes, we are enjoying an early Hanukkah, which frees me up to think about the next trip to Florida for the Christmas Holiday. The children are looking forward to a "White Hanukkah", which will be their first time having a winter season. In fact, I need to get out and buy some sleds, and a big snow shovel.

Happy Holidays to everyone and please keep in touch with e-mails, photos, and/or slideshows ;)

Kim, Brian, Allison, Jared, and Joshua
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Happy Holidays from the Helman Family!
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