Happy Holidays !!!
Well, the Holidays are here and we really miss being in Florida.  We will be coming to Florida from December 22 - January 2.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone while we are visiting, if that is possible.

Everything else (besides missing all of you) in Texas is great.  Allison and Jared are very busy in school and with other activities.  Allison will be performing ballet, tap, and jazz in a Holiday show at the mall.  She is excited.  Brian is very busy at work and planning a trip to London after the new year.  The weather here is really nice.  It is much cooler at night and still fairly warm in the days.  It usually changes 20-30 degrees during the day.  Some trees are changing color and it seems really different than Floriday.  The summer here was as hot as Florida though.

Our house is coming along pretty well.  We needed to buy more furniture when we moved here and it takes a while to settle in and figure out what you need.  We are getting close.

We are expecting the newest Helman in March and we are excited about our growing family.

Brian  and I want to wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday, and a very prosperous and  healthy new year.  Enjoy your familes and the precious time we have with them. 

Here on the kids on one night of Hanukkah.  They have been really enjoying opening presents.
This is our little oak? tree.  We have 2 more that are also changing.  They have changed color this week and we are so amazed to see something that looks like fall.  Many of the trees here in Houston are changing now.  It looks weird in this picture  with our palm trees in the background.
Check back for the newest Holiday  pictures of the kids.