Our Holiday Newsletter
December, 2000
What's been going on...
This year has been a crazy one.  Jared is now 13 months and has become a very active boy.  Allison has been enjoying her pre-school class  and she's getting ready for Kindergarden next year.

We have taken a few trips this year.  First, we went on our normal trip to Sanibel Island.  We had a great time at the beach.  During the year, we also went to Disney World for a few days.  Of course the kids loves that trip too.  We also just got back from a 4 day cruise without the kids.  We really enjoyed that.

Our pool was finished this year in July and we have really had alot of fun with it.

I have been home with the kids this year and have really enjoyed the experience.  We keep pretty busy between Mommy and Me classes, Gym classes, Ballet, Tap, and Jazz classes, and Drama classes.  I also enjoy getting to my aerobics classes and I have also been doing kick boxing, which is great!

Brian is still working at Netspeak, and enjoys the tecnology industry.

Have a great Holiday everyone, and keep in touch!
Happy Holidays from the Helman Family!