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Allison's Page of Random People and Things
OMG! It's Allison!
OMG! It's Allison!
Hey, it's me, Allison! I'm glad you're visiting my awesome site! So, here are a few of my favorites!
Fave Name: Nicole
Fave Number: 13
Fave City: Sugar Land, Texas
Fave Movie: The Titanic
Fave TV Show: The Twilight Zone
Fave Color: Orange
Fave Thing to Do: DANCE!!!
This is my house in
Great Falls, Virginia!
Hi, I'm Ginger. Aren't I cute? I'm a female orange and white playful kitten!
Smokey's my brother!
Hi, name's Smokey. Aren't I cool? I'm a male grey and white funny kitten! Ginger's my sister!
I wanna go
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