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I will try to keep it updated to the latest things going on in my life.
My first day of Kindergarten!

I started Kindergarten in August this year. I love it!  My teacher is Mrs. Colatosti and she is nice.  I have met so many new friends.  Most days we ride our bikes to school. It is great being a Kindergartener!
My birthday is October 13.  I am 6 years old.  I had the best and biggest  party ever.  It was at the movie theater and we had fun.
I like dressing up.; It can be in a ballerina costume, or dresses with jewelry and high heel shoes. I also like to do the computer.
I love Brittney Spears too!
My favorite cartoon is Scooby Doo.  I also enjoy almost everything on The Cartoon Network.
My favorite books are the Junie B. Jones chapter books.  We are reading them in school.
Right now my favorite color is pink.
I love my mom, dad, and brother.   I also love my dog, Hershey, even if she isn't a person. She's fun to play with.  I have three cats, Bucky, Gator, and Alley,  I love to play with them too.  I also love my Grandparents because they spoil me.   My best friend is my cousin Reilly.  We always have a lot of fun!
When I grow up, I want to be an Artist.
I am taking ballet, tap and jazz classes again this year.  I love it!  Here are some pictures of the recital in the spring.
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