This Page Belongs to Allison
Hi. As you can see I have a new brother.  He is great. Most days I like him a lot.  He is really begining to grow on me.  I like to help my mommy with getting things for the baby, but I have no desire to help change his diaper!
Enjoy my page!  I will try to keep it updated to the latest things going on in my life.
Here is me and my Dad on the race cars..
My birthday is October 13.  I am 4 years old.
I like dressing up.  It can be in a ballerina costume, or dresses with jewelry and high heel shoes.  I also like to do the computer.  My latest activity is reading and writing.  I have a lot of fun writing cards to everyone.
My favorite cartoon is Scooby Doo.  I also enjoy almost everything on The Cartoon Network.
My favorite book is Green Eggs and Ham, by Dr. Seuss, because it taught me to try new things.
My latest adventures:
Right now my favorite color is yellow.
I just recently had my ear tubes removed.  I wasn't even scared and the Doctor said everything looked good.  In 6 weeks I can swim again and go underwater!
I love my mom, dad, and brother.  I also love my dog, Hershey, even if she isn't a person. She's fun to play with.  I have three cats, Bucky, Gator, and Alley.  I play with them sometimes too.  I also love my Grandparents and sometimes  they spoil me. My best friend is my cousin Reilly.  We always have a lot of fun!
Our latest news:
We are getting a pool!  We are all so excited! It will be ready by June 1.
When I grow up, I want to be a veternarian, or maybe a ballerina.  Maybe both!